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ED Treatment

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can result in a lack of confidence and interpersonal problems within your intimate relationships. At St. Pete Wellness & MedSpa in St. Petersburg, Florida, Eugene DeLucia, DO, provides GAINSWave® ED treatments for men’s sexual complications. Book a consultation by phone or online for ED treatment today.

ED Treatment Q & A

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens to many men for various reasons as they age. If you have ED, you may struggle to get or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. It often happens because of a lack of adequate blood flow in the region.

Plaque builds up in your penile blood vessels, and the vessel walls weaken and deteriorate. The condition can severely impact your relationships and self-confidence. 

If you have ED, you might notice that the condition worsens as you age. If you want to improve your sexual functioning and performance, you should consider seeking treatment for your ED. 

The condition is highly treatable, and the team at St. Pete Wellness & MedSpa can help you find out whether you’re a good candidate.

How does ED treatment work?

At St. Pete Wellness & MedSpa, the team uses GAINSWave® for ED treatment. GAINSWave delivers pulses of acoustic energy into the region to stimulate blood vessel growth and cause existing blood vessels to expand. 

Each GAINSWave treatment lasts for 15-20 minutes. Depending on the extent of your condition and your specific treatment goals, the team recommends a series of 6-12 GAINSWave treatments in total. After your series of treatments, you can enjoy better sexual functioning for about two years. 

GAINSWave is highly effective, noninvasive, and involves no downtime. Right after each procedure, you can go about your day as usual with no side effects. 

Who should consider ED treatment?

ED treatment with GAINSWave can benefit you whether or not you have erectile dysfunction. You should consider the treatment if you have ED or if you experience:

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease causes scar tissue to form under your penile skin. It often affects the curvature of your penis and can make your erections painful. Some men even develop ED because of Peyronie’s disease as their bodies’ way of avoiding the discomfort. GAINSWave treatments can help break down the scar tissue for a straighter erection and more enjoyable sex.

Poor-to-average sexual performance

If you don’t feel like you perform well in the bedroom, you can consider ED treatment to make general improvements to your sexual functioning. GAINSWave can help you last longer, maintain stronger erections, reduce your recovery time, and increase your penile sensitivity. 

To find out more about ED and ED treatment with GAINSWave, call St. Pete Wellness & MedSpa to request an appointment, or book your visit online today.